Stephanie Quirk intensives


2012: Physiological body (Pranamaya & Manomaya Kosas):

Anatomy, May 28.

Intensive, May 29-June 1.

Anatomy, Sept. 10.

Intensive, Sept. 11-14.

2013: Nervous system/Mental health (Vijñanamaya & Anandamaya Kosas):

Anatomy, Oct. 14.

Intensive, Oct. 15-18.


Anatomy, April 7.

Intensive, April 8-11.

Attendance in both 2011 Annamaya Kosa intensives is a prerequisite to attending subsequent sessions. An anatomy-oriented workshop with Laura Allard-Antelmi is scheduled the first day of each intensive, as noted above. These anatomy workshops are open to the general public.

Day 1 & 2: Open to all Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers = Intro 2 and above

Day 1 – 4: Open to Junior Intermediate 1 or above Certified Iyengar teachers or Intro II teachers who have assisted a senior-level teacher in a therapy class. Intro 2 teachers who have not assisted in a therapy class may observe Day 3 & 4.