Stephanie Quirk intensives


The first two days of each intensive are open to all certified teachers. The second two days are open to teachers certified as Junior Intermediate 1 and higher. Introductory teachers may observe the second two days.


2011: Appendicular and Axial skeleton (Annamaya Kosa)

April 12–15, Aug. 28–31

2012: Physiological body (Pranamaya & Manomaya Kosa)

May 29-June 1, Sept. 11-14

2013/14: Nervous system/Mental Health (Vijnanamaya & Anandamaya):

Oct 15-18, 2013; April 8-11, 2014


An anatomy-oriented workshop with Laura Allard-Antelmi is scheduled the first day of each intensive.


Attendance in both 2011 Annamaya Kosa intensives is a prerequisite to attending subsequent sessions.